What Services do we offer?

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We offer a range of thorough, affordable health and safety services.

Our services include audits, risk assessments and safety training, please see our full range of services below. If you have an enquiry about anything we offer or you’re looking to employ our services please use the contact form above or give us a call.

Health & Safety Services

  • A recognised, Secure Safety Solutions representative as your competent safety Individual. 
  • Health and Safety advice.
  • Annual site visits and reports.
  • RIDDOR Submission

Health & Safety Services

  • Accident investigation guidance.
  • Accident trend tracking Training / Advice.
  • Review of risk assessments ensuring they remain fit for purpose.
  • Review of fire risk assessment.
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Other Vital Services

  • Safety Policy production.
  • Risk Assessments of all duties / equipment.
  • Fire Risk Assessment management.
  • Employee safety / fire safety training documents.
  • Safety Management Systems and Processes.

Further vital services

  • Accident investigation and reporting.
  • Additional site visits / meetings to discuss new issues / concerns.
  • Audit of current processes.
  • Construction phase plans.
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Water Hygiene Services

We are now proud to announce we are offering Legionella consultancy including testing, risk assessments and ongoing monitoring.

If you have a water supply to your commercial property then contact us to find out how we can ensure you’re legally compliant.