A sign containing a sun safety warning. It reads: You can still burn in the shade.

(note: this article was originally published on 6th June 2021)

The sun is essential to life on earth. It provides power and light, providing warmth on cold days and warmth to cool the planet on our warmer days. The ozone layer that protects us from harmful radiation is also part of the sun’s outermost layer. Unfortunately, the sun is a danger to us when it flares or is blocked from view by high-rise buildings, thick forests and trees in some cities.

To best ensure your safety:

We have collated several sun safety tips to keep you protected in your daily summertime activities:

  • Always wear a hat with a wide brim that blocks out rays of light. This will go a long way to protect you throughout the day if you know you’ll be outdoors a while. For longer hair, try a hat alongside a hair-tie to keep your hair from getting in the way!
  • Always wear sunglasses designed for protection against ultraviolet rays. If you don’t already have a pair, try an alternative. Look into inexpensive and stylish ways of covering your eyes; giant goggles can be fun alongside keeping your eyes safe.
  • Do not spend more than a few hours in the sun without protection. If you’re outside for an extended period, it is important to reapply sunscreen or alternative protection every few hours. Try to find natural ways of doing this. For example, if you’re going to be in direct sunlight for extended periods, intermittently locate shaded areas for a rest.
  • Additionally, you can learn more about sun safety from the official NHS website, see HERE.

What’s next?

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