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For this entry I wanted to draw attention to something that has happened this week to a friend of mine.

Let’s call him… Dan.

Dan and I have worked together for 4 years and in that time, we have both grown our families. Both having two wonderful boys has been the most amazing, fantastic and also testing time of our lives.

Due to the variation in ages we are always discussing the different stages and what the other one’s boys are up to but one thing we always end up discussing is how much sleep we have had.

I’m sure many parents can relate.

It is undeniable that for parents of young, and older children, lack of sleep is the biggest problem. This can fuel arguments, tension between couples and strain on work focus.

Once the paternity/maternity time is over and normal work routines have to begin again, you find yourself being pulled from pillar to post in relation to your time. The demanding schedule of a newborn teething or a toddler who is scared of the dark and wants to share your bed can mean the amount of sleep you now receive is dramatically reduced. You cannot take any time away from the workplace, so the only time you will eat into is from sleep.

Back to Dan.

Two days ago I received a call that he has been in a head on car collision with his two young boys in the back.

Thankfully the two boys have only bruising due to their car seats doing their job however Dan did not come out so unscathed. A nasty cut to the head and severe bruising with muscle damage around his chest has meant various scans tests and a lot of pain. Don’t get me wrong, things could have been so much worse!

After seeing pictures of the car, I couldn’t believe there were not more injuries sustained.

I asked him how did this happen? Who drove into you? Assuming of course that he would have been driving with the upmost care due to having his boys in the car, and he explained: “I don’t know… I just don’t know!”

Dan has been working hard to try and work off the debt that was accumulated from the extended maternity leave that his wife had to take. As well as the unpaid hours he needed to take off work due to various medical appointments. Couple this with the demand of a new family he has been suffering from severe exhaustion.

It is often an overlooked factor and believed to be something that people should just have to get on with.

The mother who has returned to work to early, the carer who has to work and care for their elderly relative, the single parent who has to juggle both parental roles. You must look after yourself, before there is no “yourself” to take care of.

For the sake of you and your families and everyone who loves you, money problems will always be there, you may not be if you don’t take the time out you need when you need it.

Seek help from medical professionals, family members or friends if you need it, but be aware of exhaustion and the effects it has on your body.

I’m looking forward to catching up with Dan for a beer very soon… Though things could have ended very differently.

Happy New Year All.

And please stay safe, Andrew.

What’s Next?

For more about exhaustion, and how it can affect you, see these NHS resources – HERE & HERE & HERE.

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