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What is a Manual Handling Risk Assessment?

A manual handling risk assessment, is a systematic evaluation of tasks or activities that involve the manual lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling of objects, loads, or people. The primary purpose of this assessment is to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with these manual handling activities to prevent injuries and promote workplace safety. At Secure Safety Solutions, our manual handling risk assessment services are designed to help organizations identify and manage the potential risks associated with manual handling tasks, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees.

Our comprehensive services include:

Task Identification: We work with your organization to identify all manual handling tasks within your workplace, ranging from lifting and carrying to pushing and pulling activities.

Risk Assessment: Our experts assess these tasks to determine the specific risk factors involved, such as load weight, frequency, posture, and environmental conditions.

Hazard Identification: We identify potential hazards that could lead to injuries, strains, or musculoskeletal disorders among your workforce.

Risk Evaluation: We evaluate the level of risk associated with each task, considering the likelihood of injury and the potential severity of harm.

Control Measures: We develop tailored control measures to mitigate or eliminate identified risks. This may include recommending the use of lifting aids, adjusting workstations, providing employee training, and implementing safe work procedures.

Documentation: We maintain detailed records of the assessment, including identified hazards, risk levels, and recommended control measures. This documentation helps your organization stay compliant with safety regulations and standards.

Training and Education: We offer training sessions for your employees to ensure they are aware of safe manual handling practices and can apply them effectively.

Continuous Monitoring: We help you establish systems for ongoing monitoring and review of manual handling practices to ensure that control measures are consistently applied and effective.

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