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What is a Working at Height Risk Assessment?

A working at height risk assessment is a systematic evaluation of tasks or activities that involve employees working above the ground level or at elevated positions. The primary purpose of this assessment is to identify and manage potential risks associated with working at height to prevent falls and ensure the safety of workers. It is particularly important in industries such as construction, maintenance, and utilities, where employees frequently perform tasks at elevated locations.

At Secure Safety Solutions, our Working at Height Risk Assessment services are designed to help organizations assess and manage the risks associated with tasks or activities involving elevated positions.

Here’s an overview of what our comprehensive service includes:

Task Identification: We work with your organisation to identify all tasks or activities that require employees to work at height, whether on ladders, scaffolds, rooftops, elevated platforms, or other elevated positions.

Hazard Identification: Our experts identify potential hazards associated with working at height, which may include factors such as falls, unstable surfaces, weather conditions, and more.

Risk Assessment: We assess the level of risk associated with each task, considering factors like the likelihood of falls and the potential severity of injuries.

Control Measures: Based on the identified hazards and risks, we develop and recommend control measures to mitigate or eliminate potential dangers. This can involve the use of fall protection equipment, guardrails, safety nets, and proper training.

Equipment Inspection: We ensure that all equipment used for working at height, such as ladders, scaffolds, and safety harnesses, is inspected and maintained regularly to meet safety standards.

Training and Education: We provide training and instruction to employees on safe working at height practices, equipment usage, and emergency procedures.

Compliance Monitoring: We assist in establishing systems for ongoing monitoring, compliance checks, and periodic reviews of working at height practices to ensure that control measures are consistently applied and effective.

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