World Mental Health Day

A globe wrapped in a banner which says: mental health day.

(note: this article was originally posted on 15th October 2019)

Prevention is something that we can all individually help with. A short conversation with another person can sometimes be enough to make the difference between life and death for them.

The advice ‘WAIT’ is one good way to remember how you can support another person who may be suicidal. It stands for: 


Watch out for signs of distress and uncharacteristic behaviour

  •  e.g., social withdrawal, excessive quietness, irritability, uncharacteristic outburst, talking about death or suicide

Ask “are you having suicidal thoughts?”

  • Asking about suicide does not encourage it, nor does it lead a person to start thinking about it; in fact, it may help prevent it, and can start a potentially life-saving conversation

It will pass – assure your loved one that, with help, their suicidal feelings will pass with time

Talk to others – encourage your loved one to seek help from a GP or health professional.

After you experiencing mental health struggles?

If you’re experiencing mental health difficulties, please reach out. You can find advice on how to do so here:

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